Lorch - a city between Romans and Staufer

Eduard Mörike called Lorch once „farmer small town in the Remstal valley “. However, he liked it so much that he decided to stay for three years. Friedrich Schiller spent three years of his childhood in Lorch with his family. Today Lorch is a small but lovely town. Historical framework constructions determine Lorch’s character, as well as modern and architecturally unconventional buildings.

Monastry Lorch

The monastery Lorch, which is the landmark of the city, is situated on a mountain ledge looking out over the river Rems. Northeast of the monastery ran once the border of the Roman World Empire. The reconstruction of a typical Roman Watch-Tower can be found there.

The Limes, coming from the north, formed the well-known Limesknie and continued to lead eastward towards the triangle border region, touching the Roman provinces Obergermanien and Rätien. Here one can follow the traces of the Romans on the well-known LimesTrail.

City of Lorch

Nature Park Schwäbisch-Fränkischer Wald

The Remstal “Valley”

Golfing in the area

The Wäscherschloss “Castle”

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